Workshop Presentations


Sunday 17/4/2016

Introduction and Overview
Georgios Theodoridis

Seminar 1a Metabolite identification
Michael Witting

Seminar 1b
Aiko Barsch

Endogenous Metabolic Profiling as a Fundament for Personalized Theranostics
Torbjörn Lundstedt

Analysis of metabolomics data – examples from the study of the lipid metabolism
Olav M. Kvalheim

From Profile to Mechanistic Understanding
Ian D Wilson

A Novel Lipid Screening Platform Allowing a Complete Solution for Lipidomics Research
Dr. Dietrich Merkel

Metaboscape – A Metabolite Profiling Pipeline Driven by Automatic Compound Identification or How to Link Hram Qtof Plant Metabolomics Data to Biology
Aiko Barsch

The importance of human Volatilome
Agapios Agapiou

Monday 18/4/2016

Feature selection methods for early predictive biomarker discovery using untargeted metabolomic data
Dhouha Grissa, Mélanie Pétéra, Marion Brandolini, Amedeo Napoli, Blandine Comte and Estelle Pujos-Guillot

Exercise Metabonomics
Vassilis Mougios

Mitochondria and brain disorders: A systems biology approach
Michaela D. Filiou

Pharmacometabolomics-guided Pharmacogenomics in Precision Medicine
Theodora Katsila

From Metabolomic profiling… to semi-targeted Metabolomics… to targeted assays… to working examples…
Dr Alexandros Pechlivanis

Metabolomics as Part of an Integrated Approach for the Identification of Predictive Markers of Type 2 Diabetes
E Pujos-Guillot, M Brandolini, D Grissa, Y Liu, M Pétéra, C Joly, B Lyan, S Czernichow, M Zins, M Goldberg, B Comte

MetaboAuto - A Novel Platform for Automated GC-MS Metabolomics
Petr Šimek

Metformin treated Wistar rats demonstrate gut microbiome and plasma metabolome alterations
Dr Panagiotis A Vorkas

Seminar 3 Untargeted/Semitargeted LC-MS metabolomics
Dr Alexandros Pechlivanis, Dr Panagiotis A Vorkas

Seminar 4 Targeted metabolomics by LC-MS
Virgiliou Christina

Tuesday 19/4/2016

LC-MS Wine Metabolomics: experiment
P. Arapitsas

Metabolomics in Systems Biology: Integrating Multi-omics Data
K.A. Aliferis, I.F. Kalambokis and S. Jabaji

Seminar 5 - Protocol For NMR Based Metabolomics. Tips And Tricks
Dr. Dimitra Benaki

Round Table: Users Needs a Bottom Up Approach
Food Sciences & Regulation Scientists

Recent Developments in Food Screening by NMR
Claudia Napoli

JRC's contribution to fight food fraud
George Kaklamanos